February 1, 2004
Meet the Chefs

The Chefs (and far Too Many of them) are:

Barrett in Chicago

Barrett Buss has been eating food all his life. Only recently has he been cooking it. Professionally, Barrett works in the computer field, so he's always up for a byte. Recently, he converted to pesco-ovo-lacto-vegetarianism, and he'll add insecto- if a bug flies in his mouth. He lives in Chicago with his red-headed wife who is very patient (obviously). Soon, very soon, they will be moving to suburban Baltimore.e-mail

Meg in Paris

Meg Cutts (Meg in Paris) has been lucky enough to live in Paris for over 15 years now, exploring the 365 French cheeses and the many varied markets. She has worked in an international organisation, a en encyclopaedia publishing house and her only professional connection with food to date was working at a Luby's in Texas back in her university days. Now she spends her days looking after and feeding two small monsters (Big Brother and Little Brother) and her beloved Critic, a French-bashing Englishman with very strong views on food. She has contributed to community cookbooks and a book on raising children in France and would love it if one of our readers offered her a job writing about anything - food, France, child-rearing or rocket science. e-mail

Alumni - retired from TMC

Justin in Bogotá

Justin has eaten food in 31 countries—and only occasionally have these meals featured durian, cheese ice cream or raw pork in a blood sauce. His culinary pursuits at home are much more modest where he and wife keep a vegetarian kitchen and were delighted to discover a word, flexitarian, that describes how they eat. e-mail


Paul Goyette (and the same one writing at locussolus) may not be a natural talent in the kitchen, but he knows his way around the dining room, and that sure helps. He's spent the past couple of years teaching himself how to cook, mostly on a meandering course that seems even at this early date to have touched just about every food group and ethnic possibility. Living more or less alone can make it hard to play on a daily basis, but the occasional over-the-top dinner party/excuse to visit Fox & Obel with his friend John helps balance things out. Paul, it shoud be noted, drinks his bourbon straight up. e-mail


Todd A. Price started cooking late in life but is working hard to make up for lost time. When confronted with a dish on a menu he can't identity, he always orders it. Todd also runs the blog A Frolic of My Own. e-mail

Corrie in Indy

Corrie eats every day and tries to cook at least as often. In addition to helping edit The Long Trip Home, a literary e-zine for travelers, and working with museums in Indiana, the chefs at a brilliant Indianapolis restaurant humor her with a part-time pantry chef position. In the gelateria of life, Corrie's goal is to taste every flavor at least once. e-mail

Dr. Meg

Dr. Meg Hainer (Dr. Meg) has only been eating food since she has been allowed to use the stove (around age 10). Prior to that she was subsisting primarily on water and plain spaghetti as her mother can't (or was it won't?) cook.
Now she maintains a busy Chicago area OB/Gyn practice and a busy household with Bryan (35), Max (6.5), and Becca (4.75(her calculation...)), plus various and sundry animals too numerous to list here. e-mail

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